7 top tips for receiving guests at home

What happens when it’s your turn to receive guests at home? This may complicate things a bit, especially if you want to make your guests feel at ease and not leave immediately.

If you are one of those who think “if you love me, go away!”, well, then I recommend that you don’t play host or tell them with nice words or phrases like this one. I’m sure you’ll have a few laughs too. Or not.

Although I am not an expert hostess myself, my guests never look at the clock. These are not very complicated details; just things to keep in mind.

1. First impressions make all the difference.

I do not have a doorbell. Scream! and let off steam while you’re at it.

This is a good example of phrases to welcome a guest at home or at least to make them laugh as soon as they arrive. Because that’s precisely what it means to go to a friend’s house for dinner, or to see your family? To let off steam and have a good time.

2. What a joy when everything is easy.

Arriving and being able to hang up your coat, leave your bag or take off your shoes (there is a reason for this, in the third point) makes you feel at home. If there is also a warm spot of light (artificial, if it is at night), it will be like saying home, sweet home.

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3. Even if you put cheese, don’t make it look like cheese.

Try to have a good smell in the house as soon as you enter. No one likes to arrive and smell closed, damp or, even worse, cheesy. And I say this because I love it.

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Make coffee a little before they arrive or put an air freshener at the entrance (be careful not to put it too strong or they will fall round as soon as they enter).

4. Better without shoes.

If you’ve cleaned the house before your guests arrive, you’ll have an idea of how much dust accumulates and how much it stains shoes, especially in winter. And I’m not telling you if you have carpets.
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Leaving them a pair of slippers or having a sock contest works: it’s a source of laughter, it makes people leave without having to be told, and it makes people feel at home.

5. “I only come for the food.

We all have a friend like that. So if you want good reviews on Google, what you cook should be edible.
how to set a guest table
Don’t worry; even if they don’t say it, they also look for recipes on the Internet because what it’s all about, in the end, is that they eat well.

6. Surprise!

It doesn’t matter what, it matters how. Curious napkins, a tablecloth like the one in the photo, some flowers or some hideous slippers.
All this will ensure that whoever comes will always have a good memory of their visit to your home.
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7. The plan.

Although the motive is essentially to spend time with family or friends (because “the important thing is to see each other”), if there is a plan behind it, it will make it much more special.

How about a monthly dinner where you go to a friend’s house each time and vote on the menus? Or an afternoon of board games? Play darkness and eat popcorn? A movie marathon?

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