House Coaching™.

The key to transforming your home and your life

House Coaching™ is much more than organizing spaces. It is a discipline that combines Life Coaching, Interior Design and Psychology to transform your home into a refuge that reflects your true essence and values, beyond the aesthetic or functional aspect of your space.

In addition to living a unique and transforming experience, you will feel greater harmony, motivation and well-being in your life. It will help you to get rid of what you don’t need and to empower what really matters to you.

"The main objective of House Coaching is to break down the obstacles your clients have set for themselves, and for them to achieve through their homes a fulfilling life."

- AXXIS Magazine (architecture, design and decoration).

What it consists of

The techniques of House Coaching™ or Coaching for your House serve to see what you really want and need to be happy in your space, and work on your limiting thoughts. That is, all the beliefs and mental judgments that limit you from decorating it and making it truly yours.

When you are aware of what has been blocking you and accompanying you all your life, and you unblock it, a world of possibilities opens up that you will automatically want to capture in your space.

Having a home aligned with your values requires introducing small changes in your daily life that will make you feel in control of your time and space. And this coherence between what you want, what you feel and what you need will solve most of your problems and allow you to live a fuller life in every way.

What this process brings you

Well-being and happiness

Imagine sitting in your armchair, putting on a pair of comfortable pants, cuddling your children lying on the sofa, making yourself an aromatic cup of tea in your favorite mug or looking around and feeling completely happy.

Identity and belonging

You will feel that the space is made for you, that it tells something of who you are, your experiences and everything you have achieved along the way. You will feel that you, and the other members of the household, feel represented.

Ideas and tools

We will create the best space for you and/or your loved ones, making the most of what is in the space and current furniture or accessories (if desired). You will see the alternatives and will be able to choose the best one for you.

Time, money and habits

You will regain confidence and clarity in adapting your space to your lifestyle. I will free you from insecurity, save you time and help you avoid costly changes or unwise investments.