An original way to make a Christmas nativity scene

The first time a Christmas crib was set up as a symbol of the birth of Jesus was in 1223 by St. Francis of Assisi, who used a mule and an ox, but no child, to represent him. Although it was not until the 15th century when it began to become a custom.

Another interesting fact is that the first factory of crib figures was founded in Paris in 1465.

What is the meaning of the Nativity scene at Christmas?

In 1955, in Rome, the second International Congress of Nativity Scenes approved the definition of nativity scene.

The nativity scene or manger is understood to represent in an objective and artistic way the birth of Jesus, arranging in a panoramic image of a town or country a series of figures that can be displaced or moved as desired. Any other representation of the birth of Jesus (in glass, bas-relief or artistic form) that does not meet these requirements cannot be considered a nativity scene.

How is a Christmas nativity set up?

Normally, a nativity scene is set up in a manger (hence the name), stable, cave or barn.

And the most representative figures are:

  • The shepherds, who gather to worship the newborn.
  • The Three Wise Men, with offerings for the child.
  • Los Angeles.
  • The star of Bethlehem.

how to make a christmas nativity scene

In addition to these (which are the ones that should always be present), other figures related to the historical fact of their birth are usually placed, such as:

  • The Annunciation of the Angel to the Virgin Mary.
  • The Visitation of Mary (pregnant) to her cousin St. Elizabeth (herself pregnant by John the Baptist).
  • The Search for Joseph and Mary’s Inn in Bethlehem.
  • The Slaughter of the Innocents by Herod.
  • The Flight to Egypt of the Holy Family.

When is the Nativity Scene set up?

The nativity scene is set up before Christmas, according to tradition, on December 8, the feast of the Immaculate Conception, and is (or should be) dismantled on February 2, the date of the presentation of Jesus in the Temple and the feast of Candlemas, according to Catholics.

In some places it is a tradition to add the figures of the Kings(magi, not the others; although as in this life there is everything…). after the feast of the Epiphany, January 6.

how to make a homemade christmas nativity scene


Types of nativity scenes or presebres

Open or closed

Open cribs, as the name implies, have no roof or box to enclose them, while closed cribs usually have walls and a roof or something to enclose them, so that they can only be seen from the front.

Artistic or popular

Artistic nativity scenes are those that are made with specific plastic techniques, trying to make the landscape and the scene as realistic as possible.

On the other hand, the popular ones (which are the ones we are interested in) are made with easier assembly techniques, with common materials and prefabricated or purchased landscape constructions, usually open and without perspective techniques (just look at my mother’s).

how to prepare a christmas nativity scene


You will always have the living nativity scene

Don’t tell me, you’re the one who has no money and doesn’t want to start doing handicrafts.

Trick some friends, or your cousins, into coming to see your living nativity scene this Christmas. A good reason could be to celebrate a Secret Santa or to play a game of
Cards against hummanity

It doesn’t seem like such a bad idea to me.

how to make a living christmas nativity scene

PS: I love you, cousins.

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And if this year you want to do something different…

How to make an easy nativity for Christmas?

By not complicating your life. You have to know what your strengths and weaknesses are, and if your thing is neither perspective nor painting, take it with humor…. That’s what it’s all about!

Here are some ideas, just in case you can’t afford to buy it on Black Friday
Black Friday

Nativity scenes with cork

Perfect for a Sunday.

how to make a christmas nativity scene crafts


Nativity scene with pots or plants

All those that you get when you buy something at Natura.

christmas crib for children


Nativity scenes with stones and sticks

You know, Neanderthal style.

handmade christmas cribs


Plasticine Nativity Scene

Do you know that my father made us all the family in miniatures of plasticine?



Nativity scenes with eggs

For the small one you can use a quail egg.

original handmade christmas nativity scenes


Nativity scenes with pine cones

Don’t ask me what kind of pineapple they used for the child.


Paper Nativity Scene

A good idea is to opt for origami.

original nativity scenes with recycled material

Nativity scenes with toilet paper rolls

This one is ideal for all those who swept through the toilet paper pandemic.

This is your time.


original nativity scenes to make with children

Please do not leave them the gun.

Crocheted or crocheted nativity scene

For my friend Marta.

christmas crib for children

And remember

That it is always the intention that counts.

handmade christmas crib

complete christmas nativity scene