Christmas bathroom decorating ideas

From the creators of articles for those who like to make a Christmas crib (or nativity scene) or for those who prefer to put up the Christmas tree comes the article for those who don’t like to put up either. If that’s you, you’re probably wondering why you would be interested in these Christmas bathroom decorating ideas.

Well, I’ll be clear: because it is the place (after the living room or the kitchen) that your children see the most. guestsnot because they don’t like the food (I hope you are not one of them), but because it is normal that if they are in your house for a while, they will pass by at least two or three times.

It is probably also the site you see most often throughout the day, and if not yours, the office.

So why not see it beautifully or have a few laughs when you go?

Which colors to choose

The classics are green, red or gold, but nowadays you can see almost anything (as our parents say). You can opt for the colors you want, choose a single tone or combine several of the same range.



Here are some ideas in case you feel like decorating the bathroom for Christmas or propose it in the office (if you feel like it, tell that colleague at work that you know who breaks everything).

Bathroom decorating ideas


For example, aromatics. You can opt for fragrances such as orange and cinnamon, vanilla, incense or cedar (although there are many more).

If you are not very fond of intense scents, you can use unscented candles, but made of glass or with a decorated glass; there are even candles with fruits, cinnamon sticks or holly.

If you are more minimalist, another option can be shaped candles, and here too there is total freedom: pine tree, pineapple, spiral, cylindrical, square… or shell.

Natural lights and garlands

A very nice option is to put them above the mirror, as opposed to putting them in the sink or above the toilet, they will not get wet or stain while you have them on.

Toilet paper rolls

This one, again, for all those who razed toilet paper. I’m sure whoever goes will have a few laughs.



Towels or curtains

Matching them with the decoration or (for example) in red tones will give them a Christmas touch and, at the same time, very cozy.

Decorative elements

Don’t worry, any object you can think of will already be invented with decorative motifs. And, if not, you can do it yourself with DIY tips, like this one for decorating a soap dish.

Natural elements

From holly to small fir trees, Christmas flowers or pine cones. You can put them in the sink cabinet, on the shelves you have, in the bathtub or on the shelf of the toilet.


(You’d be surprised how many people take the toilet seriously).

And if even with this post I can’t get you to decorate a little bit, you have no solution and you’re probably worse than the Grinch; I hope you get poopy in a friend’s bathroom and it’s uglier than ugly (the bathroom, not your friend).

If this happens…

You will remember me and maybe you will consider one of these options:

  • Stop reading my posts (even though you know I was right).
  • I recommend you to read my posts.
  • Give her a House Coaching process she will never forget.

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