Home foyers: find the 5 differences

Today I have prepared an article to play a game to find the 5 differences. Where? In these very original home foyers.

Are you up for it?

Here is the first photo, a proposal for a modern and minimalist foyer by Nimú studio.

original plants for the entrance of a house

Source: Equipo Nimú.

Surely you already know Ikea’s furniture for entrances and hallways…, but don’t forget that we are looking for the differences.

decorating an entrance is easy with just a few ideas

Source: Ikea.

A minimalist, bohemian touch. Maybe to match the owner of the bike?

styles of modern house entrances

Source: Estudio Egue y Seta.

Hey, don’t tell me it doesn’t have its roll.

classic foyer for a renaissance style house

Source: Marta de la Rica Study.

And here is the last photo.

foyer ideas for a house with children

Source: Pinterest.

Come on, take a look again…


Wasn’t it easy?

How? What a scam? Although you may think that there are many more differences, I will tell you that
depending on how you look at it, it all depends
… As I said, there are 5 differences, but not in the way we are used to playing. Each foyer is a difference in itself. Why?

Because there are as many styles of foyers as there is furniture for entrances and people who live in them. That’s why your foyer may not look like any of these. And if you’ve drawn that conclusion, this mini-article will have been worthwhile.

With this game, in addition to having a good time, I wanted to show you the different types of hallways for home that you can find and that with just a few tips on functionality, style and distribution of spaces you can have the hallway you’ve always expected when you get home.

Remember that you can download for free at laudecotip the decorative style guide that I have made, so you can know what your decorating style is.

After seeing these photos…

It is normal that you want to know how to have one just like it. But, first of all, why would you want to have one just like it when you can have your own?

Discover the importance of creating purposeful spaces.

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