I am Laura

Interior Designer - 1st certified House Coach in Spain

Different moments in my life have been marking me and leading me to a path of learning and development at all levels, until the last one pushed me to make a comprehensive change in my way of conceiving interior design.

Now I am dedicated to helping interior designers and architects create a home that offers people everything they need to be happy and live in harmony, beyond trends and design, which also has a minor impact on the ecosystem that surrounds us, but a profound meaning in the lives of those who will inhabit those spaces.

What I do

In my work as a Home Coach, I combine my experience as an interior designer with Life Coaching and Positive Psychology techniques.

In other words, I analyze the space, the person and the connection between the two and extract their maximum potential.

From there, I find out what you really want and what makes you happy, your personality, your personal tastes and emotional needs, and I work with all the beliefs and mental judgments that limit you.

With all this, I get really valuable information that allows me to adapt the design to the vital moment in which you find yourself and, of course, to reflect what defines you and what really fulfills you.


What is House Coaching

Interior Design + Life Coaching + Empathy

House Coaching is the union of coaching and interior design tools; that is, interior design with a purpose.

It is not only about designing beautiful, functional, comfortable and well cared for houses or spaces, but also about making them happy and feel harmony, belonging, peace and happiness with everything that surrounds them, and that they are capable of adapting it over time.

Difference between interior design and HC

We all like to make our customers happy.
But the difference between one and the other is not in the final result, but in the emotional value provided throughout the process.

As an interior designer, I know how important it is to give our clients what they want. But, as a House Coach, I have found that when we know how to connect at a deeper level with them and help them dissolve their fears and insecurities, more meaningful decisions and projects are generated. Only then will we be able to design spaces that give them something more, that connect with their personality, reflect their values and represent what a real home means to them.

Who we can help together

The service is aimed at all people who want or need to make a change or reform in their homes, and that this goes beyond creating a beautiful and functional space. Who are looking for a unique experience.

From individuals living alone to married couples or couples who are now embarking on a new path together, senior clients or families.


Why collaborate together

You will know exactly what your client wants, his personality, emotions and needs, and why to do it one way and not another in order to get the proposal exactly right.

– You will save valuable time that you will be able to dedicate to the design and/or execution, in order to give the client a superior quality result, which will bring greater satisfaction to both of you.

– Your work acquires greater significance, transcendence and value.

– In addition to a beautiful and functional design, you will bring added and lasting value to your customers.

– Designing with purpose has been shown to increase people’s sense of well-being, happiness and ownership of their homes.

– You will create a much more special bond with the person, which will translate into greater loyalty and better recommendations.

– You will contribute to the environmental impact because decisions will be made from the heart, and quality will be prioritized over quantity.

My approach is not just about changing the aesthetics of a space, but about generating deeper emotions and connections in your home.

Benefits for your customers

– They will see you and your team as a reference in the sector, because they will feel seen, listened to and valued.

– They will see that you offer them much more than a quality service, and a longer lasting one.

– They will feel much more grateful, co-responsible and involved in the process.

– They will see you engaged with our ecosystem, as you will help them, through purposeful design, to make more conscious choices about what they want.

They will create a very special emotional connection with their home, as if they had always lived there (and as if you knew them perfectly).

– Your home will be a reflection of who you are, your values and/or those of your family, and everything that really matters to you.

– The change will bring them self-knowledge, satisfaction, self-worth and enthusiasm, and this change will be reflected positively in other areas of their lives.

I'm not saying that. They say so

So we can work together

House Coaching

I will analyze with specific techniques the person or persons that will inhabit the space, and I will find out what really defines them, what blocks them and what they expect from change.


I will give you a complete report, with which you will get a real and close idea of the person and everything you need to design a space that will take you to another level.


From this point on, the client will be open to what you propose with absolute confidence, knowing that you have what is essential to meet their expectations.


I offer continuous support to clients throughout the process, accompanying them in the emotions that arise and making sure that the project is fulfilled, according to their wishes.

Contact me to discuss how I can help you and your clients.
You will have a differential advantage over other studios or professionals in the sector.

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