A new way to design your spaces

These sessions aim to accompany you in your own transformation process and, as a result, design a space according to how you feel and what you need at this moment.

Applying self-knowledge and management tools will allow you not only to gain clarity and connect with your essence, but also to design your spaces with a purpose to live happily, in balance, calmly and, above all, feeling really comfortable inside and outside your home.

"A House Coach reflects our passions and personality in space, through a harmonious and well-designed proposal".

- Moove Magazine.

My proposals to you

Basic House Coaching™


In the first 60-minute session, we will analyze your space with specific House Coaching techniques to identify your blocks, fears or limitations, connect with your values, define what you need, beyond a beautiful and functional space, and find the purpose of your space, that is, the sense of change.

In the second 60-minute session, we will analyze the previous exercise that I will send you by email upon booking, to work on your personal style and aesthetics, depending on how you want to feel and perceive your space, with which we will define a moodboard or board of ideas, which will serve as a guide to transform it.

Includes: initial exercise, two 60-minute online sessions, a summary dossier of the work done and an aspirational moodboard.

85 € / hour (tax incl.)

Premium House Coaching™


This service consists of three sessions and an elaborate design proposal so that, in addition to connecting with your values, finding your purpose and working on your personal style, you can visualize in detail how all this would be reflected in your space and discover the possibilities before making any changes. The first two sessions are included in the Basic service.

Afterwards, I will develop a customized proposal reflecting all the work done in the two previous sessions, and we will schedule a 30-minute video call to present it to you, so that you understand the sense of the ideas I propose. In addition, I will give you and explain some specific House Coaching tools that will be very helpful to transform your space now, and at any stage of your life.

Includes: initial exercise, two 60-minute online sessions, one 30-minute online session and a complete dossier (summary, plans and images, and House Coaching tools).

75 € / hour (tax incl.)

Coaching sessions


This service is designed to guide and accompany you during the process of transforming your space so that the path is fun, enjoyable and revitalizing.

I will help you define a plan of action, we will draw up a list of stores or references, I will answer your questions and advise you on everything you need.

65 € / hour (tax. incl.) / session

How does it work?


Choose the service you need and book the first session. You will receive a confirmation email with a very simple exercise to do before our meeting.

All sessions are via Skype, Google Meet or Zoom, payment in advance. The money for the sessions will not be refunded in case of cancellations. Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Which is the best choice for you?

It depends on your situation and needs, if it’s for you, for your family, if you want to do it as a couple…
You can contact me by mail or schedule a free meeting to guide you.

Some of the benefits you will experience

You will create a new connection with yourself and your space, because you will know how to identify what you need in each moment and how to regulate your energy and emotions in the atmosphere of your home.

You will incorporate tools that will allow you to develop skills to improve your space and take up hobbies that will make you feel good in times of stress, discomfort, fears, insecurities…

The pride, satisfaction and recognition of having made the changes yourself will make you feel great, and you will make decisions knowing that they have meaning and purpose for you.

When you feel good about yourself, you project positivity, optimism and good vibes. You will help others in a better way, without harming your own well-being.

You will feel that the changes in your home have an impact not only on the space, but also on your way of life, and that they represent a change at a personal level, of personal development.

Your environment will see a change in you, thanks to the changes you have made in your space. You will see your effort rewarded and the members of your household will also value and appreciate it.

Taking charge of making the changes yourself will make you feel happy with each change you make. You will discover strengths in yourself that you didn’t know you had.

You will enjoy the process of decorating your own home. When you make changes from the heart, suddenly creativity explodes and the journey becomes a lot of fun.

Getting out of your routine or monotony and moving to new places you had not thought of or interacting with other people will increase your creativity, intuition and power of concentration.

You will save time, money and regrets, because you will have all the tools and support you need to make decisions without fear or doubt, with the certainty that you will get it right.

You will relieve your attachment to material things and you will feel freer, because you will buy things with a purpose and this will have an impact on the environment and future generations.

You will have more time for you and your family, partner or friends, because you will not be a slave of your house or your work and you will be able to enjoy it, thanks to the changes of habits that your house will generate.

"The house should be used as the WIFI, so you connect with yourself,
with your family, with the energy of everything around you."

- Kirsten Steno, creator of House Coaching™..

Why House Coaching™ is more effective?

The design of a space does not start by asking what your style is or what furniture looks better, but how you want to feel in your space and what you need it to bring you at this time of your life.

From personal and professional experience I think that adding coaching to the design is essential to design spaces that bring you something more, that connect with you, reflect your values and represent what for you means a real home. In short, that tell something about you and give you what you need.

Let's begin now


Choose the service you want to hire and book the day and time of the first session.
The price shown is for the complete service.