A surprising 40 m2 mini-apartment in Paris

In response to your requests to publish posts that inspire you, I have chosen this 40 m2 mini-flat. What could be more inspiring than renovating such a small apartment, rescuing its essence and making it look this spectacular?

Living in 40 square meters

It can’t be easy. But, hey, looking at it this way I wouldn’t mind.

In fact, you’d be amazed at how many amazing mini-flats there are out there. The key is to know how to make good use of the available square meters and to make a good distribution of spaces.

living room renovation with exposed wood in a 40m2 mini-flat
Source: AD. © BCDF Studio.

This 40 m2 mini-flat is located in Paris. Originally, it was divided into two very claustrophobic zones, but with the bookstore as the axis of symmetry. The building is supported by a wooden structure dating from 1900, which the architects used as the central element for the renovation.

The person who bought this apartment had clear that he was going to reform it, but not what he would find during the reform, led by the study Pierre and François Voirin: when they demolished the walls and the false ceiling they discovered that the space was higher (almost 1.5 meters).

That space they found free was used to give more light to the house, with skylights in the roof.

open spaces in a 40 m2 mini-flat in france
Source: AD. © BCDF Studio.

Floor plan of a 40 m2 house

When it came to distributing the rectangular floor plan of this apartment, they had to include a living room, a kitchen, a dining room and a work area, while maintaining the original wood and floors.

The architects took advantage of a hole in the wall to erect a partition wall to house the installations. From there, the central wall was born, which, in case you haven’t noticed, is what organizes the whole space.

But they didn’t just put it there. It was necessary to give it a good function, and that is why they used it as a shelf, as well as an element to divide the living room and…

What would you say is behind the doors?

The key to any well done reform is to know how to make use of what you can find, meet the customer’s needs and make it all something special.

An example of this is that, in addition to thinking about taking advantage of the light from the ceiling, they did not throw stones on their own roof by closing the space with the shelving, but rather the shelving was not taken up to the ceiling, so that this light would also pass into the living room. Why create a light hole if you then enclose it?

bookcase dividing the bedroom from the living room
Source: AD. © BCDF Studio.

Come on, I won’t leave you with any more doubts. Indeed, behind the shelving they came up with the idea of placing the bedroom, the dressing room and the bathroom. An ideal corner for two of the rooms that need less light, don’t you think?

The bathroom is connected to the bedroom, but separated by a curtain. One, not two. The other thing is a mirrored wall to make the space seem twice as big.

minimalist apartments in the center of Paris
Source: AD. © BCDF Studio.

To suit your taste, the colors

And the fact is that the absence of color is often another color option.

In this 40 sqm apartment, we have chosen to be sober in this sense, so as not to detract from the wood of the beams: white walls, white ceiling, black and brown armchairs, colorful books…

“We refused to use any other type of wood in the floor that was more worked, too smooth or varnished” .

Pierre and François.

Source: AD. © BCDF Studio.

The tiles seen in the cover photo of the post are the originals, combined with the oak flooring chosen by the architects.

One of the advantages of these mini-flats with history is that the original wood structure (if found) doubles as a partition wall.

Lacking good ideas?

The fastest way to change something is to trust someone who already has what you want.

I don’t have this floor, but I do have the experience of having felt that my house was missing something.

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