Beautiful bookstores you should know about

Despite technological advances, books continue to resist. And you’d be surprised how many beautiful bookstores there are all over the world.

Because, speaking of books, who hasn’t ever spent time leafing through one?

Many people say: “Having
…” or “Being able to download them in PDF…”.

And I know that with what I am about to say, I might make some enemies, but where there is a book, all else aside. For me, a book is more than a story; it is a moment of disconnection, a trip to another era, a warm coffee….

reading corners for children

I know people, especially younger than me, who have never smelled a newspaper or the pages of a book. And I don’t mean by smelling close; I mean turning the pages of books and bringing your nose close.

I also know people who have never set foot in a bookstore. And that’s fine with me. But, even if it’s not for the books, I recommend all of them to visit at least once in their lives one of these bookstores, for me one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world.

From the photos alone you will understand why.


Shakespeare and Co


shakespeare and co bookstore


Maps and company


maps and company bookstore


The Library of Babel



Ler devagar


ler devagar lisbon bookstore


The pendulum

Mexico City

The pendulum


Rafael Solaz Antiquarian Bookstore


rafael solaz antiquarian bookstore


Grand Splendid Athenaeum

Buenos Aires

ateneo grand splendid mexico




bardon bookstore madrid


Atlantis Books



Antique Studio


antique shop studio barcelona





Peter Harrington


peter harrington london


And, in case you were wondering….

The largest bookstore in Spain

If you’ve ever been, his face will ring a bell.

moyano slope posts

He is one of the booksellers who has been here for the longest time, on the Moyano slope in the Retiro district of Madrid. According to him, this slope full of bookstores (where each stall is unique) is the largest bookstore in Spain.

And no wonder. Do you know how many specimens there are in these 200 meters? About 3000 books, all of them different.

And the largest second-hand bookstore in Spain.

It is located in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, and it is called
The century

the century barcelona

Photo of the
Vintage Fest
held on the first Sunday of each month.

Don’t have a living room that invites you to read?

These spaces, if you ever go there, you will see that just by entering, they invite you to read. But let’s face it; having one of these bookstores at home is impossible.

Therefore, you can create a reading corner at home that will help you create an inviting atmosphere to read for a while.

I tell you how here.

Create a home, not a trendy house