What if we grow up together?

I love the way technology allows us to communicate and relate to each other, and I believe that, once we have crossed paths (even through the internet), we are a little more connected (even through internet), we are a little more connected.

Interior design or architecture studios

As an interior designer, I know how important it is to give the client what they need. But now, as a House Coach, I have found that it is even more important to do so by giving them the tools to know why they want it and how they want it, before any design is proposed.

Schools, universities, companies...

Talking about House Coaching has a transformative effect on those who listen to it. First, because it provides them with creative ideas, techniques and tools to live a better life and, at the same time, they connect with your message, your brand, your products or your services on a much deeper level.

Give them a real home

If you are looking to offer added value to your customers, contact me and I will let you know how we can do it.

"House Coaching goes beyond interior decorating: it is a way of
reform the home to feel better inside it".

- New Woman Magazine.

Choose how to connect


Topics I can address:

  • Workspaces and well-being.
  • Improving productivity through spaces.
  • How our spaces influence our daily life and emotions.
  • How to access our creativity and express it to solve any challenge.
  • Ending suffering at work.
  • Connecting with purpose as an organization.

Events, workshops...

Topics I can address:

  • Emotional, physical and mental well-being at home.
  • Become aware of your limiting thoughts.
  • Relationship between people, prejudices and spaces.
  • The home as a refuge and energy charger.
  • Healing through spaces (divorce, loss, motherhood, loneliness…).

Podcast, lives, rrss...

Topics I can address:

  • My story: from interior designer to House Coach.
  • What is House Coaching and what impact it can have on your life.
  • Awareness of the spaces we inhabit.
  • Discovering our own style.
  • Limiting thoughts: people, prejudices and spaces.

Be authentic and your print will be deep

Besides being the 1st official certified House Coach in Spain, and an interior designer by profession, I consider myself an honest, charismatic, motivational, sensitive and fun person.

I love to speak and I have done it many times, from university lectures to small group talks, videos for social networks, corporate presentations, speeches or group exhibitions.

Whatever the medium or the situation, I am passionate about relating and interacting with empathy, transparency and a sense of humor, so that the experience is unique and the impression is indelible.