Differences between interior design and House Coaching

Although both work on the design of spaces, there are many differences between interior design and House Coaching when it comes to approaching it.

If you evolve over the years,
why shouldn’t your space?

Since I was born, life has been giving me challenges along the way. And my needs and goals over that time have changed.

There was a time when I changed and my space did not, and when my space did not change at all and, therefore, I did not change either. But do you live your life today as you did 3 years ago?

It was something I found frustrating and very painful, but over time I have learned to see and change.


Because of all this, and because of the experience of my clients, I have come to realize that our homes are a reflection of who we are and what we live, and that what happens in them influences many areas of our lives.

You could say that our home is our place in the world.

And it’s up to you to stay or run away from it.

Interior design

Google defines it as “the art and science of understanding the behavior of human beings to create and optimize functional, safe, universal and sustainable spaces from their correct layout to their execution”.

And, as an interior designer, I find it acceptable.

But what does it really consist of?

Standard interior design focuses on understanding the aesthetic and functional needs (such as House Coaching) and, from there, working the space.

But many times this work is influenced, in one way or another, by the trend of the moment, by a specific style or even by the designer’s own criteria.

What is even more serious.

Interior designers analyze the wishes and needs of the individual, prepare a design and the graphic and technical documents necessary to implement the project.

And, very often, they coordinate and lead the different guilds.

In other words, in a pyramid similar to Maslow’s, interior design would cover the first links: physiological needs, safety and security. And, sometimes, those of love and belonging.

Who needs an interior designer

  • You prefer a price per square meter and get all the work done.
  • All you need is decorating or interior design advice.
  • Functionality and aesthetics are more important to you than emotional well-being.
  • You don’t see space as a means to achieve your goals.
  • You don’t need a deeper change in any area of your life.
  • You’d like your home to be like that of a designer, influencer or celebrity you follow.
  • You want it to look just like the photo you saw on Pinterest.

House Coaching™: life coaching applied to interior design

To understand
what House Coaching™ is
you first need to know what
life coaching
or lifecoaching.

life coach
accompanies and advises people to make a change in some aspect of their life in which they are not satisfied in order to achieve their objectives or goals.

The coaching process

In every coaching process there are two participants:

  • Coachee: person receiving the coaching and driver of change.
  • Coach: a person who has trained himself/herself to motivate, teach and help with specific tools to those people who want to make a change or achieve goals.

Every day we look for professionals to guide us and help us feel safer (lawyers, police officers, managers…), healthier (doctors, psychologists, trainers…), etc.

Why not have a professional help us design a space where we feel everything: security, self-realization, growth, belonging and love?

In House Coaching™ the focus is on people, not the name of the studio or the ego of a designer.

In addition to aesthetic, functional and physiological needs, emotional needs are taken into account, i.e. those that provide meaning.

Coaching helps to understand where each person is in life and encourages self-reflection, motivation and creativity.

With this, the purpose of the space is defined and a design is made that reflects the personality and history of those who live there.

The result? A space that, in addition to being a home, becomes the means to achieve the desired goals (personal and professional).

Spaces must not only transmit; they must also be able to be experienced.

Our emotions are key in this way of seeing interior design.

For example, it is possible that the colors that are in fashion are gray, but the person needs a more cheerful color.

Interior Design or House Coaching™.

Interior design is often associated with having a magazine house or a house of a certain style, but mostly with an overpriced service.

The main objective of House Coaching™, accessible to everyone, is for people to generate a change in the house in line with their own evolution.

Wherever they live.

Whatever stage they are at.

And whatever their economic situation.

I believe that adding coaching to design is essential to overcome frustrations and build a happy home that reflects the best of the people who live in it.

Everything around us influences us and has a direct impact on our moods and emotions. Taking care of our home and adapting it to what really fulfills us will make us feel better every day.

certified House Coach
I don’t look at design trends, magazines or specific styles.

I look at people’s taste and style.

And, if you still don’t know what it is, I help you identify it to achieve a good result: a space with purpose.

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