Home Coaching: boosting your wellbeing through your home

In this article, I will explore what House Coaching is, who it is designed for, its benefits and how it differs from conventional interior design.

The purpose of all

The fundamental purpose of House Coaching is to transform the home into a space that significantly improves your quality of life.

In other words, it focuses on the emotional and significant impact that the home can have on the lives of those who live in it, andseeks to create an environment that reflects positive emotions, promotes well-being and allows people to live consciously and in alignment with their values and goals.

What is House Coaching?

House Coaching goes beyond the aesthetics of interior design and decoration. It is a discipline that incorporates coaching principles into design to create spaces that are not only visually appealing, but also inspire significant change in our quality of life.

For example, the distribution of elements in a space affects how we experience it, and it is crucial to be aware of this so that it plays in our favor.


Decisions in our personal spaces have tangible results in our daily lives, and Home Coaching emerges as a tool to transform our lifestyle through our spaces, and vice versa: adapting our spaces to our own life changes.

The key is to learn that change is natural,

and that our spaces must evolve with us.

This radically transforms the approach, as it focuses not only on the space, but also on the person who inhabits it. He cares about the whole experience, from the first contact to the complete transformation, and your life after that.

My own experience

For years, I have been dedicated to the design of commercial spaces, seeking to create memorable experiences that connect customers with the brand. However, the pandemic led me to reflect on the experience of inhabiting my own home.

And that is how my interest in studying House Coaching came about, a fusion between interior design and personal coaching; the latter is essential to know how to choose how to live in our spaces and, therefore, in our lives.

It was then that I personally experienced the impact of Home Coaching in my home.

How can it improve your daily life?

which explores how spaces influence our emotions, became my guide.

Through this experience, I came to understand that our decisions in personal spaces impact our day-to-day lives in ways we often overlook, and I discovered the importance of focusing on the person, not just the space.

House Coaching not only transforms the space, but also the way people live in it.

All this made me realize that everything that happened inside and outside my house was related and, therefore, the impact was also on me:

It changed my mood, my way of relating inside and outside the home, I became more creative and learned to approach my personal challenges in a different way.

Who is it intended for?

This approach may be the key for individuals, couples or families who value the importance of feeling good in their environment and who are open to making positive lifestyle changes.

Benefits of House Coaching or Home Coaching

From strengthening your relationships to managing emotional challenges, problems at work, difficulties in creating a family environment or feeling good about yourself.

Every design decision is made with a clear purpose in mind: to deliver a positive impact on your daily life.

Difference between House Coaching and Interior Design

Interior design usually focuses on function and aesthetics, adapting the former to the client’s needs and the latter to the designer’s personal style or professional criteria.

However, adding coaching to interior design allows emotions to be brought into play, making the space a vehicle for choosing how you want to experience it.

This perspective breaks the traditional rules and embraces the idea of a constantly evolving space (just as it happens to you), rather than a fixed before and after.

PS: I firmly believe that interior design should now be directed towards the people who will inhabit the space, encouraging them to live their home as they really want to.

Change is natural and necessary (are you the same person now as you were a year ago?), and our spaces can be the facilitators of that transformation and directly impact the way we live our lives.

Because the House Coaching is much more than a design trend; it is a transformative approach to living.


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