Hygge: the key to a cozy and happy home

Hygge, originally from Denmark, seeks happiness in the little things in life. Pronounced as “hu-ga”, it lacks an exact translation, but can be described as an intense feeling of calm and well-being.

As can be imagined, it originated as a response to the harsh and cold winters they suffer, which generated the need to create warm and cozy environments to find happiness in everyday life. And it seems that they have succeeded.

Since 2012, the Nordic countries lead in happiness, and that is attributed to the application of this concept in their homes, so the design of their interior spaces has become key in their practice.

How to apply Hygge in your home

Hygge is not just a philosophy, it is a daily practice that can transform your routine into moments of true joy.

Aspects such as comfort, simplicity and connection directly influence how you decorate your home and how you feel every day in it.

Here are some elements that you can work with at home:


Soft lights, especially candles, play an essential role. They bring warmth and create a relaxing atmosphere that invites you to enjoy the present moment.


Although artificial light in soft and muted tones is important to generate different atmospheres, natural light is prioritized for its health benefits.


Most of the time, pleasure and beauty are found in the minimum. Count the essentials and maintain visual order for peace of mind.


It directly influences our mood. Therefore, it is important that what you choose contributes to the feeling you want to achieve or the moment you are currently living. The colors par excellence that enhance the Hygge and bring luminosity are: white, beige, light gray or pastel shades.


Making nature a part of your space will not only make it more inviting, it will bring life and meaning to it.

You can incorporate natural materials such as wood, natural fiber accessories and plants of any kind.


The essential thing is not that it is perfect, but that it brings you a deeper meaning. It is about appreciating the emotional value of objects, giving them a second life or discovering new uses.

What it is: the essence of Hygge

Hygge is not just a word, it’s a lifestyle that encapsulates the joy of the little things and the appreciation of the simple moments that often go unnoticed.

Here are some Hygge features you can incorporate into your daily life:


Slowing down when you walk in the door is imperative; so is taking a break from your day to day life that allows you to appreciate what you are doing.

For this purpose, it is often, if not always, essential to turn off the devices at home. Focus on getting in touch with our surroundings and appreciating the moment without distractions.


Hygge emphasizes the beauty of the everyday and seeks to enhance comfort and well-being, whether enjoying breakfast, dancing to your favorite song or sharing moments with friends.

Stop multitasking and start enjoying the moment. Only by being present will you be able to enjoy every detail.


Refers to valuing the essential things in life or everyday details. From a home-cooked meal to a relaxing afternoon, a hot cup of tea, a good book or any activity you enjoy.


Create your own space of peace and harmony, allowing you to enjoy a moment of tranquility for yourself, alone. Find out what it is that you need in your space to make it welcoming and bring you what you need.


There is nothing more enriching than a delicious meal, a movie or a board game to enjoy with family and friends (or alone).

The connection can be at all levels: with yourself, with your loved ones or with nature. Find your own power charger.

Benefits: discover how Hygge improves your life

Hygge is not only a cultural practice, but a powerful tool that can transform your well-being in many ways.

  • Improve your emotional well-being.
  • Promotes relaxation.
  • Strengthens interpersonal relationships.
  • Promotes self-care.
  • Increases the feeling of comfort and safety.
  • Invites gratitude and appreciation.
  • Positive impact on lifestyle.

The benefits of Hygge go beyond creating welcoming environments; they translate into a significant improvement in your quality of life by promoting happiness, connection and emotional well-being.


Adopting this Danish philosophy may be the key to living a fuller and more satisfying life.

But every big change starts with a small step.

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