From caterpillar to butterfly: the story of life

I don’t know if you know that when a caterpillar looks at a butterfly, there is a connection: “Oh, I can become a butterfly! I want that.” Nothing is imposed on the little caterpillar. It is a personal choice where you say: I want to change.

You have probably read or seen the metamorphosis of the butterfly, a process in which a simple egg undergoes multiple stages until it reaches its final butterfly stage.

If we apply this concept to the human being, we can interpret this transformation as the most profound change a person can undergo. I am referring, in particular, to the transition from being what we were to start being something different.

What did the caterpillar do to become a butterfly?

Basically, it underwent an internal transformation process that took it from the egg to the larva stage. Subsequently, it transformed into a chrysalis, where it fully developed its anatomy before spreading its wings and becoming a butterfly.

From caterpillar to butterfly

The butterfly is probably unaware of this process and, most likely, will not experience suffering as it moves from one stage to another. His focus lies in going through each state and dedicating his entire being to survive day by day to continue his metamorphosis.

It sounds nice, but for us, conscious of change, the process can be difficult and painful. For this reason, it is crucial to understand and identify each of the stages so that the transformation path is not so hard.

Our own metamorphosis

Throughout our lives, each of us goes through several metamorphoses around who we are. Some of these transformations are natural and are linked to our own evolution (going from child to adolescent, from adolescent to adult…), while others may represent significant breaks and be difficult to overcome (the death of a loved one, a divorce, etc.).

Moving a house

Phases of our metamorphosis

Mainly, they are divided into four and, depending on each of them, there are different strategies to address them.



In the initial breakup phase, we face the fear of the unknown and realize that nothing will ever be the same. This change is often not a conscious choice, but something that just happens, and accepting this reality is the first step.

[Resistirse al cambio con pensamientos ilusorios solo prolonga y intensifica el proceso].

Despite the difficulty, the breakup also presents us with the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and live the life we long for. The key lies in living in the present, focusing on daily self-care, and seeking support from those who have faced similar experiences or from professionals.

Allowing our feelings to flow without restrictions is crucial to move forward in this transformation process.



This phase is characterized by glimpsing our new path, gradually rebuilding our identity. We want these changes to be reflected in our appearance and lifestyle, for example with changes in our look or habits (previously unthinkable).

We imagine and dream of the life we desire, moving little by little towards the planning and realization of those desires. It is crucial not to limit or censor ourselves, and to allow ourselves to explore all possibilities until we clearly define our goal.

In this process, let us remember that there are no pre-established rules, and we ourselves are the only limits we must challenge.

Metamorphosis of a butterfly



As our dreams take shape, this stage requires accepting that success rarely comes immediately.

The key lies in persisting, adapting and adjusting our dreams and plans with each lesson learned.

Although the process may be more challenging than anticipated, the end result can be amazing.



In this final phase, our new identity has been fully forged, ready to take flight.

It is a moment of gratitude for the courage and strength acquired during the metamorphosis, but, above all, it is a time to fully enjoy the result.

The uncertainty of when we will embark on another transformation invites us to cherish this moment.

Living room with natural light

You may be a caterpillar and a butterfly at the same time, or you may no longer feel like a caterpillar, but you are not yet a butterfly.

Sometimes you think about taking the plunge, but it remains a thought. You leave your partner, sell your house, quit your job or do something out of the ordinary because you want life to change, but you hide in your shell; you stay in your comfort zone because you are afraid of the process of change, grief or uncertainty.

Achieving the happiness we long for is not only in the decision to change, but in the process of transformation.

And no matter how much work that little caterpillar does, it will not speed up the process of becoming a butterfly. You need to experience each phase for there to be a real transformation.

I know from experience that it is not easy to live this process.

So, if you are going through your own metamorphosis and need help to transform your space and move to a new stage, remember that I can help you. I will accompany you every step of the way so that you can live your process with confidence and enthusiasm.

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