What is feng shui and what is it used for in interior design?

Although I know that this term arouses more mysticism than curiosity, I will begin by saying that feng shui
feng shui
is not a superstition, a religion or something related to luck.

Rather, it is a practical application of certain techniques to create the best possible environment for each person, taking into account everything that surrounds him or her.

Put like that, it makes sense, doesn’t it?

Because in the same way that when looking for a job you take into account (or at least you should) the work environment, the modality (face-to-face or online), the team, the schedule or the salary, when looking for a job you should take into account (or at least you should) the work environment, the modality (face-to-face or online), the team, the schedule or the salary. houseor a rented roomor to the decorate the space where you live, it also makes sense to pay attention to aspects such as light, location, noise, layout and temperature.

And that job that is perfect for you may not be perfect for your co-worker.

Well, with houses, according to
feng shui
the same thing happens.

In order to build a pleasant, comfortable and beautiful environment for you, you must look at the things around you, as these will influence how you experience that space or how you perform in it on a daily basis, for example.

What does feng shui say, then?

Basically, each person reacts to the environment in a different way.

Or do you feel the same at home on rainy or stormy days as you do on sunny days?

For me, for example, when the weather is stormy, my head hurts a lot and I find it very difficult to concentrate. Sunny days, however, I love to work because I concentrate much more at home. But the opposite is true for many other people.

Another example is that of early risers, who like to enjoy the sunrise, get up early…, while night owls prefer to be awake at night because they are more productive when everyone else is asleep.

Any room with feng shui should be that ideal place you are looking for to disconnect from the world and recharge your energy.

However, I am telling you upfront that applying these techniques does not mean that your life will immediately change (like suddenly getting the job of your dreams or becoming rich).

eng shui
does not work miracles, it says that not only what we do and what we think influences us, but also the space in which we live and the objects we have.

In fact, he says there are 3 types of luck:

Man luck
Man luck: that is, what depends on you: your personal beliefs, how hard-working you are, how passionate you are to strive for your goals or how hard you work to achieve them.

Heaven luck
fate or luck. An example of this would be when you win the lottery, which is not up to you (except for buying it). But the rest is out of your control.

Earth luck
Earth luck: the immediate environment, what surrounds you and protects you from the sun and rain: your home. This is something you can control and build, so that you create the best possible environment for yourself.

It seeks the balance of the vital energy of each person(man luck, heaven luck and earth luck) through distribution techniques, decoration and orientation of the spaces in which you carry out your daily activities: your home, your workplace or your entertainment space.

Feng shui is not only about cleaning and tidying, but also about creating a wonderful environment.

What is feng shui and what is it for?

This philosophy was born more than 3000 years ago in China, and its literal meaning is “wind and water”. It owes its name to its original function: to study the changes in the weather, the stars and the environment and to see how they affected the vital energy or chi
energy or chi.

It also makes sense, doesn’t it?

And just so you can see that some of this must have worked, in the imperial era the
eng shui
was used exclusively by the upper classes of society, who applied it to palaces and tombs.

But, today, fortunately, this has evolved and is now within everyone’s reach.

Summarizing concepts, we could say that it is a science that studies how people and the environment that surrounds them (interior and exterior space, and its objects) relate to each other:

  • Everything is connected and, in one way or another, affects how we feel.
  • Applying these techniques can help us find what we need.
  • It helps to see things in a different perspective and achieve our goals.
  • It generates personal peace and family balance.
  • Adapt the spaces in the house to your personality, lifestyle and what you really identify with.
Inspiration: Fleur Delesalle.

What are the five elements of feng shui?

  1. Wood (spring, dawn, East; start new projects).
  2. Water (winter, dusk, North; unblock situations to make something happen).
  3. Metal (autumn, sunset, West; concentration, discipline and leadership).
  4. Fire (summer, noon, South; work on expressiveness).
  5. Earth (transition and center of everything; stability in times of change).

These elements can translate into different states of things in life, just as the way your house or room is positioned has a connection to the universe around you.

To test the space in which you live, I propose you to take a sheet of paper and write down the items you have at home to make a balance of the things you have at home (it can be by color or by material). Notice, for example, which elements predominate more (wood, metal or ceramic…) and observe which ones you would like to have or what change you want to generate.

Inspiration: Fleur Delesalle.

It’s a way to know if your space meets your needs and goals in life.

If you do not feel well at home, there may be an excess of some element. For example, if we are depressed, there may be too much of the water element; if we feel overwhelmed or stressed, mentally blocked or monotonous, there may be too much of the earth element.

How to use feng shui at home?

It all depends on the objective you are looking for with this change: to generate positive energy, improve your health or good family relationships, attract money, get inspiration, etc.
feel good at home, among many others.

If you’re looking to design a purposeful space, read the section on House Coaching™.

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