The 3 secret habits of tidy people

Normally, delicate, sensitive, responsible and mature people are orderly people, and if you know someone like that you will see that I am not lying. What you may not know, because they hide it, is what they do on a daily basis, when no one is looking or listening…

For many people, tidiness is something they are born with or, if adopted later, it is often done as a defense mechanism (against dirt!) or to get everything under control. But an overwhelming reality is that tidy people tend to have more free time because, as they have everything organized, they have time left over to do other things.

If you want to join the team of free time and order at home, put into practice the habits of any tidy person.

1. They make lists.

But not these shopping lists. No, no. Excel tables with multiple tabs, columns and rows. With time comparisons, tasks, medical appointments or social commitments, home economics and categories.

Olga Alejandre will laugh at this, as I do, but we are the first ones to do so. Of course, she is pro level, and has a Notion and Google Calendar that are to die for.

The whole organization of your home and your life in general is based on lists. As they complete the tasks to do, they mark them as done.

But be careful, too many lists can become dangerous… especially when you write down things like “drink water” or “get up from my chair”.

2. They pick up before going to bed.

Because they don’t like to put off until tomorrow what they can do today, they usually spend a few minutes before going to bed to get everything ready for the next day.

In the morning they do the same: airing, making the bed, picking up the room and the breakfast things, because it is wonderful to wake up and see the house uncluttered. I assure you that you start the day in a completely different way.

3. Fold everything Marie Kondo style

If you haven’t read his book,
The Magic of Order
this method consists (among other things), in folding clothes, tablecloths, cushion covers or sheets… vertically. This way it takes up less space and allows you to see everything at a glance.

From my own experience, it is an infallible method to avoid repeating sweaters every day of the month. Rediscover the clothes you have and be happier at home.

Give your home a change of scenery

A tidy and clean house is peace of mind. But if the problem is not the order, but to feel comfortable and happy at home, I can help you.

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