Rooms without windows: 4 tips to brighten them up

It is time to talk about the disowned spaces, today specifically about the rooms without windows. Feared, excluded and often locked or destined to keep everything you don’t want in your home.

But maybe it’s also time for you to realize that you may be missing out on a wonderful space with a lot of potential. It’s not so much what you have, but how you make the most of it.

With some very simple tricks you will be able to give that room the importance it deserves and start enjoying it, because you have it for a reason!

Here goes.

Choose the right type of light.

And I’m not talking about what is not there(natural light), but what you can put. This type of rooms are usually well prepared to connect artificial light points, precisely because they are windowless rooms.

In addition to being LED or energy-saving, it is preferable that they are of warm light and that they are placed at medium height.

choosing the design of windowless rooms
Roberto Ruiz

Free up space: less is more.

Both of things that you no longer want or no longer serve you as furniture. Cluttering these types of spaces, which are already small, dark and a bit claustrophobic, will only intensify these sensations and make the artificial light you have put in cover up. Keep only what is really important.

Likewise, freeing up space can mean “loading” the door. This will not only free up more interior space in the room, but will allow some light to pass through. However, make sure that you can do it beforehand, lest you…

Play with the decoration.

Make the decorative elements add an extra touch to the room. Above all, mirrors will give amplitude and luminosity, because through the reflection they will create light where you didn’t think there was any.

Color, your best ally.

I think it is obvious that unless you want to have a “bat cave” you should not paint these rooms black, blue or dark gray. These colors will only make the room darker and smaller.

Use lighter shades such as beige, white or nude.
If you have to choose a color palette, I recommend earth tones or yellow to give it warmth.

Are you still afraid of windowless rooms?

Face your fears by questioning those beliefs that prevent you from having the space you want. I explain everything here:

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