How to make the most of small terraces: 6 great ideas

One of my Instagram followers asked me for ideas on how to decorate a small apartment terrace. With only 6 tips and little money you can get beautiful, functional terraces with a very chill out touch.
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Step by step

First of all, I recommend that you think about what your real needs are before getting down to work.

That is, what use you want to give to your terrace and how much time per year. Even if you think it’s silly or that you have it clear, I assure you that if you write down these answers on paper, maybe it will change the idea you had.

All this you will see will also determine the type of furniture you need, the facilities and the budget you dedicate to it.

Once you have the functionality clear, now you can think about how to decorate the terrace (which is where you wanted to start, surely). This will make sense of what you have thought in the first point; the decoration will serve as a common thread between what you need and what you like.

6 ideas to make the most of your terrace

Here are some very practical ideas, whether you have an indoor, outdoor, communal, narrow, long or glazed terrace. Believe me, the important thing is to be clear about the above and then put the following into practice.

1. Get used to the idea.

Because you probably don’t know what potential you have.

Clear out all the space (and yes, this means get everything you have off the deck) and, while you’re at it, clean it up a bit. Now, with everything empty and knowing what your real needs are, get an idea of what you need to put in and imagine a possible distribution. Take measurements, if necessary.

2. Choose the furniture.

I recommend you to be guided by these 3 aspects: comfort, utility and style.

  • Comfort: for example, that the seat you choose is comfortable; that it does not take up too much space at home (if you have to store it in winter), or that it fits comfortably in the space you have.
  • Utility: that it really serves for the use you want to give to the terrace. If you have a small terrace, give priority to seating rather than supports; although it all depends on the use you have decided to make of it.
  • Style: obviously, that you like and that makes you happy. Every time you go out on the terrace, you get a tingling sensation and think: Jo, how beautiful it is!

Otherwise, I assure you that you will fail in the attempt.

3. Light it up.

During the day it will not make much sense, unless the sun never comes, but at night it will help to create a very cozy atmosphere.

It can be with a light on the ceiling (if you already have a socket installed) or with garlands, lanterns, candles or torches. But please be responsible; no one wants an arsonist neighbor.

4. Bring it to life.

Again, depending on your intended use, there are many options here. But at this point I make special reference to plants and flowers.

They will not only bring color, but also smell; since air fresheners do not make much sense on a terrace, unless it is an enclosed terrace.

5. Dress it up.

To make it more comfortable, useful and cozy, it is essential that you dress it with cushions, blankets or rugs.

If you want to know how to dress up a terrace, I will tell you that the latter, besides giving a total change to the space, help to disguise an ugly floor; although I do not recommend them in the winter months, for something more than obvious. In this case it may be a good option to lay a vinyl carpet or artificial turf.The use of the new products, which will solve this problem and that of cleanliness.

In the sunniest and hottest months, it is important to have an awning, a pergola or an umbrella. The options, as you can see, are varied; but it all depends on the touch and style you want to give it.

6. Give it a special touch.

It is the moment to decorate: take advantage of the walls or railings to place decorative elements such as plants or pots, vertical gardens, garlands, etc. Here are some ideas for
ideas of plants for a small terrace or balcony
and here is the website of Instinto planternal, a website about plant care and advice (for those of us who are a bit plant killers).

The trends in decorating for small terraces are boho chic, organic and Mediterranean (on my website you can find a specific guide to find out what is your decorating style).

small terrace decoration

What to do on a terrace

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