Cleanliness and tidiness at home: 9 places you never clean

Order and cleanliness at home are basic if you want to live comfortably in the space where you work, sleep or have breakfast.

One of the leading experts on this subject, Marie Kondo, the Japanese tidying guru, describes this act of cleaning and tidying as a meditative process that makes us happier and, for the sake of redundancy, tidier. Well, according to his method, your house will never be messy again.

That’s why, beyond their recommendations and the different techniques there are to clean or plan a general cleaning, I wanted to make this post to talk about 9 places or objects that you never clean, and that have a direct effect on our health, lifestyle and happiness.
But why talk about it?
  1. Because most people who say their house sucks, it really does. But not because of the house itself, but because they have it full of it, shit. And in this broad group I include things you no longer want, dust, things you never use, things you never clean and, in short, things that no longer make you happy.
  2. Because most of the people in point 1 say they don’t do it because they hate wasting time.
  3. Because according to different studies we spend an average of one year and one month of our life cleaning. Do you know what that is? 60 minutes, 24 h, 396 days. And, in spite of that, we are still not comfortable at home.
  4. Because it is normal that if you think like those of point 1, you think like those of point 2 and end up feeling like those of point 3.

WARNING: if at this point, you have not understood anything, you feel that you belong to one of these groups (but you do not want to change anything) or you are one of those who leave the coffee stain on the floor for 3 weeks, for your health I recommend that you do not continue reading.

Here they go:

1. A world under the carpets.

Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You’d be amazed at what you can find under your carpet (the new Avatar falls short) .

Just turn your carpet over and vacuum underneath.

2. The same happens if you dress up.

But you don’t wash your face. Well, something is wrong.

This is the case of the upper part of the refrigerator. If yours is recessed, you can probably access it from the top cabinet. There is no excuse for you to remove accumulated dust and grease.

3. The eye of the hurricane.

Even if you open the blinds in the morning, you don’t leave them flush, and that dust and dirt that accumulates on them can get in while you ventilate.

Depending on the material the blinds are made of, you will be able to clean them in one way or another. If they are made of metal, PVC or aluminum, you can use a rag, a cloth or even an old sock with water and multi-purpose cleaner. If they are made of wood, do not wet the cloth too much and dry it quickly. For the cloth ones you can use directly a half wet microfiber cloth.

4. If you can’t beat your enemy, join him.

Recognize that you will never be able to do the job a vacuum cleaner does. Recognizing this, if you are going to leave all the dirty work to it, don’t forget that it has a bag and filter (where the dirt adheres). And that you should change them at least once in your life.

You can find here
spare parts for any vacuum cleaner

5. What is in a woman’s purse?

Well, to tell you the truth, we don’t know it ourselves. And look, I’m writing this article, but I just put something in my bag and it seems to reproduce itself; day by day that thing is magnetizing new things, it takes them to the bottom and they don’t come out again.

A piece of advice? Turn the liner over to clean it with a damp cloth and a little detergent.

6. The broom has more hair than I do.

Who hasn’t found a cat’s tail on their broom?

When you brush, the dirt sticks to the bristles and the sprites do their job little by little (as with the wire of the helmets). You can remove the lint by hand or with warm soapy water (and let it dry); or, if you are too disgusted, vacuum it up. And then go back to point 1.

7. Living up to its function.

Garbage full of garbage, as it can’t be otherwise. Personally, there is nothing more disgusting and less joyful than seeing stained garbage cans.

Pour water inside with a splash of bleach and let stand for a few minutes. Rub and clean it well and then let it dry. By the way, here are some
beautiful and ideal trash cans for recycling.

8. It won’t do any good to tell him that you love him….

If you see where you put your toothbrush.

Soak the canister in bleach water once a week, rinse and dry it; or simply put it in the dishwasher.

9. Cleans what it cleans.

The same thing happens to the poor cloth as to the vacuum cleaner; if you clean everything with it, but you don’t clean it, you will end up dirtying, rather than cleaning, or throwing cloths around like crazy. And the planet is not in a state to waste cloths.

You can disinfect them with bleach, ammonia or soap. Or throw them in the washing machine; remember to fill it with more than just a cloth or else you’ll be making a piece of cake.

10. The coffee machine matters.

A friend of mine threatened her partner not to get married if she left used capsules in the coffee machine again.

Not only for sentimental reasons, but because of the limescale (in the case of a normal coffee maker), coffee drops and dirt that accumulates, it would be good to keep it clean daily.

He did. And now they are happily married.

You may not be interested in marriage….

But if you want to live in a house that makes you happy or adapt your lifestyle to your new home, you may be interested in knowing what House Coaching™ is.

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